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  • Candid Check  351)   Candid Check 1.22
    Hands-free monitoring of networked classrooms becomes reality with Candid Check software. This latest addition to the teaching resources arsenal provides instructors with full control of computer laboratories, libraries and virtual classrooms.

  • Learn To Speak Spanish  352)   Learn To Speak Spanish 3.0
    When we are playing games, surfing on line or doing some other work we spend a lot of time on waiting. Learn to Speak Spanish is very useful in improving your spoken Spanish and building your vocabulary. It will make every second of your time useful!

  • WordStone Dictionary  353)   WordStone Dictionary 1.2
    WordStone Dictionary is a very simple and convenient electronic dictionary. It helps you with translation in the most expendable European languages. It contains more then 30 bidirectional vocabularies and works with more then 10 European languages.

  • Sketther  354)   Sketther 2.5
    Sketcher is a tool to convert a photograph to excellent sketch,it has a good user interface. It is quickly and briefly that convert a photograph to excellent sketch. It's small (490K) that it only takes you 5 minutes to download with a 56K modem.

  • MemoPump  355)   MemoPump 1.3
    Multilingual dictionary and words trainer MemoPump helps to increase vocabulary during learning foreign language. Fast translation of a foreign word from any application with using Hot Keys.

  • SemSim 640-801 CCNA Practice Exams  356)   SemSim 640-801 CCNA Practice Exams 11.2.1
    SemSim 640-801 CCNA Practice Exams includes 5 exams & 550+ CCNA practice exam questions. Realistically models exam with simulation questions. Features: detailed explanations, custom CCNA practice exams, CCNA Exam tips, flashcards, reports etc

  • oRipa Screen  Recorder  357)   oRipa Screen Recorder 1.2.1
    ORipa Screen Recorder-record screen activities and save it as video files. oRipa Screen Recorder is a handy tool to make presentations, demos and tutorials.

  • DrillBit Machine  360)   DrillBit Machine 2.0
    Educational program that assists the learning process through repetitive Q&A. Allows teachers or students to study or test. Instant, real time grading system.

  • AgilePresenter  361)   AgilePresenter 1.03
    Use this software to Remote-Control Powerpoint/Presentations from WIFI-enabled Phones! Imagine yourself standing, presenting confidently with full presentation slide control in your hand. No need to sit or walk back to your computer anymore.

  • Buensoft Bilingual Talking Dictionary  363)   Buensoft Bilingual Talking Dictionary 2.2
    BuenSoft German is a free innovative listening-based interactive program with 14 interactive games designed to give Spanish-speakers of all ages a fast and easy way to have fun and improve their German

  • Spelling Tutor  364)   Spelling Tutor 5.20
    Let your children teach themselves spelling with this great little program, which uses Microsoft Agent Technology so they have fun.

  • Yokozuna!  365)   Yokozuna! 1.1
    Yokozuna! is designed for learning Japanese characters - Kanji, to help you master writing them quick, following correct stroke order and proportions.

  • Catchysoft Typing Test and Tutor  366)   Catchysoft Typing Test and Tutor 1.6
    Catchysoft Typing Tutor is a free touch typing tutor. This software will help you master touch typing in the shortest time. If you already have any typing skills you can improve your speed and accuracy of typing.

  • eGrader  367)   eGrader 2.0
    eGrader 2.0 is a great *NEW* Easy Grading software application that helps classroom teachers grade student work quickly and efficiently. Grading papers is a breeze with eGrader.

  • Stackz Standard Edition  369)   Stackz Standard Edition 2006
    The Stackz flashcard visualization concept helps to keep the overview over a large amount of words to be learned. The cards are graphically distributed according to the two characteristics 'mastery level' and 'date of the last mastery'.

  • Random Test Generator-PRO  371)   Random Test Generator-PRO 8.2
    Create screen, paper or Internet tests based on randomly selected questions from large databanks. Allows the use of graphics, animations and sounds in any test question. Create an unlimited amount of questions and databanks.

  • DictionaryToGo for Desktop  373)   DictionaryToGo for Desktop 1.5
    DictionaryToGo for Desktop is the ultimate dictionary program for your computer. It works with your Internet browser, word processor and email program - with just one click! Synchronizes with DictionaryToGo for Palm and Pocket PC.

  • Melensoft Trainer  374)   Melensoft Trainer 2.0
    Melensoft Trainer is a useful flash card program for vocabulary training. Learning mode, practice mode and multiple choice modes provide a powerful vocabulary training system.

  • Left Handed guitar course (unit 1)  375)   Left Handed guitar course (unit 1) 3.50
    This version includes a free tuner, a free metronome, an interactive chord chart (with sound) and four lessons. The lessons come complete with backings, video support and a printable PDF, so you can study what you are learning away from the computer.

  • MecaNet  376)   MecaNet
    Learn with the method of typing best valued by the users: MecaNet. It teaches you like you must place the fingers of the hands. They are 20 lessons, with record of failures, pulsations per minute, examinations, games, summary of results …

  • GradeLog  377)   GradeLog 2.0
    Gradelog teacher gradebook software designed to be easy and intuitive, Do you find that you spend more time navigating around your electronic grading system than it would take to calculate your grades by hand. Its time to use Gradelog.

  • Braun Electric Shavers  378)   Braun Electric Shavers 2
    Most men don't use electric shavers because they want the closest shave. They use them for the convenience and for a quick shave. Those who use mens electric shavers are the men on the go.

  • GalaXQL  379)   GalaXQL 2.0
    GalaXQL is an interactive SQL tutorial. Follow the instructions by your virtual teacher. The teacher can understand several possible mistakes that you may make, and gives hints on what may have gone wrong.

  • SAT Vocabulary  380)   SAT Vocabulary 1.3
    The SAT Word Mage teaches tons of high-frequency SAT-type words (also found on the ACT and GRE). For full classroom or lab use at this one low price!

  • MatchCat  381)   MatchCat 1.4.exe
    A New concept in interactive learning! You create the matching sets and/or categorizing sets on your subject matter; students play games testing for them using your digital projector and (optionally) interactive white board.

  • Flashcard Factory  384)   Flashcard Factory 1.5
    Create printed and on-screen flashcards. Text is automatically formatted to fit each card. Includes a built-in text editor, free updates, and e-mail support. Double-clicking on a data file starts program and loads file.

  • Interactive Reading Lab  388)   Interactive Reading Lab 1.2
    Make YOUR OWN interactive lessons and reading labs and have your students work on them (individually or in groups) at your classroom's or lab's computers! You can quickly and cleanly design an audio-rich learning environment for your students.

  • Ultima Website  389)   Ultima Website 1.5
    Ultima Website is a fully featured WYSIWYG editor letting you quickly and easily create your own websites. Not requiring any special areas of expertise, it is a vastly cheaper option than hiring a web designer yet it can still produce great results.

  • Linguata French  390)   Linguata French 3.6
    Linguata is a creative and fun way to learn French words and phrases . It is language learning software that makes learning French words and phrases easier, faster and more fun. Follow 4 simple steps to efficient and simple language learning.

  • EZQuizTaker  391)   EZQuizTaker 1.0.1
    EZQuizTaker allows you to easily build and administer multiple choice quizzes. Create quizzes with up to 1000 questions and up to 6 answers per question. View, print and/or email quiz results. Great for entertainment, business and education!

  • My Psychic Tutor  392)   My Psychic Tutor 1.0
    My Psychic Tutor is a psychic ability enhancing software that helps you gain an insight to your psychic abilities and develop your intuitive powers. My Psychic Tutor not only makes your intuitive power stronger, but also makes you more sensitive.

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